When you visit our massage therapists, not only will you receive a great massage and some much needed relaxation time, you will also receive a host of tips to keep yourself in the best possible shape. One of our massage therapists, Nicky McClean, explains the benefits of foam rollers.

Used before and after exercise, foam rollers release the fascia (a layer of fibrous tissues that binds structures together and helps others slide smoothly over each other) around each muscle so that the muscle fibres can move smoothly and make exercise more effective.

They are especially effective on the IT Band (ilio tibal) to prevent possible knee problems – this is a particularly good YouTube video.

It is easy to find more foam roller exercises in action by typing “foam rollers” into YouTube.

We sell both long and half sizes at the Forge. Nicky is available for massages on Tuesdays and alternate Saturdays and is always happy to answer any questions you might have about foam rollers! Click here

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