Now that the clocks have changed and the weather is starting to turn towards warmer days and brighter mornings, it’s time to move our lives back outside again.

It’s a lot easier to be active when it’s sunny out, as you naturally want to get out in it. If running isn’t your thing, there are plenty of ways you can enjoy the sun and get some exercise without even realising you’re working out! Here are some great ideas of things you can do this weekend to enjoy the sunny weather:

  • Cycling. If you live in London, take advantage of the Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme. It’s a great way to see the city, but if you aren’t aware of bicycle road safety or you don’t have a helmet, you can still cycle around some of our city’s gorgeous parks.
  • Frisbee. While this may feel like something you should be doing on the beach, there’s nothing stopping you getting your friends together and throwing a frisbee in a park – it’s a lot of fun and great exercise!
  • Football. While there are a few great matches on this weekend, we actually mean playing it! You spend so long shouting at the TV, why not put some of that into practice? Gather your mates, pick teams and get playing!
  • Walking. Richmond is one of the most beautiful areas in London, so now is definitely the time to get out there and enjoy it! Try the park or even take a stroll along the river.

But as always, it’s best to be prepared, as the Great British Weather can let us down. Here are some healthy indoor options for this weekend:

  • Exercise DVD. You know the one, the one you bought with great intentions of using it every day. Get it out and have a go.
  • Attend a class. If it’s raining, you may as well try that spinning class at the gym you’ve always wanted to try. Or maybe go swimming and pretend you’re on holiday. If you don’t fancy anything too energetic, you could always have a browse online to see if there are any creative workshops that take your fancy.
  • Cook. Browse through that stack of magazines and spend the day trying something new.
  • Puddle jump. Ok, so this isn’t an indoor activity, but it’s an awful lot of fun. Zip yourself tight into your raincoat, pull on your wellies and enjoy the rain for a change. There’s nothing more well-earned than a cup of tea after a chilly walk.

And here’s what we’re up to this weekend…

  • Clinic Manager Vicky is off to a wedding – it must be that time of year!
  • Marketing Manager and receptionist Nikki is spending the weekend in Portsmouth and hoping for BBQ weather!