photoHere at the Forge, we like to promote a healthy lifestyle. A balanced approach to diet and exercise that is achievable for everyone. We also like to practice what we preach – physiotherapist and osteopath Federico Febbraro not only plays regular football, but cycles wherever he can. He is in training for the London to Brighton bike race in June. And, as you can see, even his snacking habits are healthy!

However, leading a healthy life can be difficult when you also lead a busy life! When you have commitments to work, friends and family, it’s easy to reach for the simple option: the microwave dinner; the chocolatey snack; the bus rather than a walk to your destination. These things do make things easier and we have all done it – after all, no is perfect. But here are some top tips to help you make healthy and easy choices in your day to day life.

Our 4 top tips for an easy, healthy life:

  • Check out healthy sweet options. Our receptionist Nikki and our nutritional therapist Julie, love Nakd bars (particularly the coco orange flavour!) While we don’t recommend eating loads of these a day, it does give you the chocolatey boost you’d get from sweets, but with much better ingredients.
  • Snack wise! Federico is never seen without a bag of carrots or apples. As you can see, he even carries his own peeler! If you’re popping into a supermarket for a snack, there’s no reason you can’t bypass the sweet aisle and get some fruit and vegetable.
  • Hydrate! Sometimes, we think we’re hungry when actually we’re just thirsty. If you’re feeling the 3pm snack pangs, have a glass of water and give it ten minutes before reaching for a salty snack. If you are still hungry after drinking, try and reach for a healthy snack.
  • Be aware of boredom. We’ve all been there – hitting the wall before the end of the day and deciding to get a snack, just to get away from your desk. It’s got nothing to do with actually wanting anything. Next time boredom strikes, try getting up and making a cup of herbal tea instead. Have a chat with a colleague while you drink it. Have a good stretch and return to your desk refreshed and ready to finish up that to-do list before the end of the day!