We hoped you enjoyed the long weekend. Despite the rain, we certainly enjoyed the lie in!

Much as we’d like to hope that the sun is going to make one last blazing reappearance, it might be time to accept that autumn is starting to settle in (somewhat sooner than we’d like!).

It can be difficult to adjust as the days get shorter and cooler – and wetter! Suddenly we feel we have less time to get things done and we certainly feel more housebound. But it’s easy to enjoy the change in the seasons and make it through with a smile on your face. Here are our top tips for making the change from summer to autumn as painless as possible.

Use the time
Autumn is naturally a time when things begin to wind down, ready for winter. There’s no reason you can’t take a cue from the seasons. Take the time to rest after a hectic summer. Tackle projects in your home that went undone while the sun was shining. Do some decorating – if you’re going to be spending more time at home over the next few months, deal with those things that have been annoying you!

Be brave!
If you are used to exercising outside, there’s no reason to stop during the cooler months! As the days get shorter, ensure that:

  • You are wearing high visibility clothing so that cars can see you.
  • You get your trainers checked. In wet weather it’s even more important to make sure you’re wearing the correct footwear. If you are concerned about your gait, give us a call to see David Silver or Alan Burke for a gait analysis. If your trainers are old, consider investing in a new pair that will grip better.
  • You are warm enough. Go to a specialist running shop and invest in some thermal layers to keep you warm.
  • You invest in a good rainproof jacket – you’ll probably need it!

And if the idea of exercising outside really doesn’t appeal – check the timetable at your local sports centre for new classes to check out!

Try something new
If you’re missing being able to while away the hours over a picnic with friends, consider inviting them over to try something new. You could have a go at a work out DVD, or even attempt a new skill like knitting.

Catch up
When the sun is shining, there is lots we don’t do. But now is an excellent time to:

  • Catch up on messages to friends and family around the world
  • Arrange a get together at your house or your favourite restaurant
  • Sort out your wardrobe (decluttering is very therapeutic!)
  • Get through that pile of library books…

If you’re still struggling
While we are still living in hope of a last few weeks of warmth and sunshine, we’d recommend seeking help now if you’re affected by seasonal changes. If you find it difficult to keep your spirits up as head into autumn, consider giving yourself the treat of a massage, or get support with hypnotherapy from Jean Luc Lafitte.

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