Exercise Equipment

At The Forge Clinic we have a range of exercise equipment for sale. These products are to be used to carry out your exercise plan as prescribed by your practitioner. Please ask a team member if you would like more information or contact us if you would like to purchase an item.

Yoga Block

Yoga Block

Yoga Block

Trigger Point Balls – Set of 3

Trigger Point Balls - Set of 3

Trigger Point Balls (Set of 3)

Pilates Balls – Set of 2

Pilates Balls

Pilates Balls (Set of 2)

Exercise Band loop – 23.5cm

Exercise Band loop

Light/Yellow –      £3.00
Medium/Red –     £3.50
Firm/Green-        £4.00
Extra Firm/Blue- £4.50

Foam Roller

Foam Roller

Full length Foam Roller (15cm X 90cm)

Half length Foam Roller (15cm X 45cm)

Theraband – 1.5m


Light/Yellow-         £5.00
 Medium/Red-        £5.50
 Heavy/Green-        £6.00
Very Heavy/Blue-   £6.50

Resistance Loop Bands

Resistance Loop Bands

Light/Yellow- £12.00

Medium/Red- £13.00

Exercise Ball – 55cm

Exercise Ball

Exercise Ball
65cm- £24.00

Wheat Heat Bag

Wheat Heat

Wheat Heat Bag

Rocktape K-Tape – 5m

Rocktape K-Tape

Rocktape K-Tape

Suspension Trainer

Suspension Trainer
Suspension Trainer

Heel Cup – Pair

Heel Cup - Pair
All products are available to carry out home exercise programmer as prescribed by your practitioner. Please ask our team if you require more information or advice.

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