We’ve all heard the phrase ‘everything in moderation’, but there is actually something that you can do away with completely. Convenience meals, we’re looking at you!

While Julie doesn’t believe in demonising food groups, she does encourage her patients to ditch convenience meals and fast food. Processed foods are full of preservatives, fat and sugar. On the other hand, you cannot overdo fresh vegetables, free range meats or fish.

Ready meal, ‘junk’ foods and snacks are generally nutritionally deficient; the food manufacturers add cheap vegetable fat, hidden sugars (not always hidden), sodium chloride and artificial flavourings and preservatives. Processed grains like white flour; used for bread and pasta, white rice and breakfast cereals, have had most of their nutritional benefits processed out of them.

The great news is, that unprocessed food, can be eating in abundance, fresh vegetables, free range meats or fish, eggs, nuts and seeds all provide high levels of nutrition, meaning they provide essential fats, protein, carbohydrates, plus vitamins and minerals for our bodies to function optimally atorvastatin generic. When we eat these foods, you may find the need to snack on junk disappears

Natural food, from the earth or sea, can take a little longer to prepare, but is infinitely better for you. Try and cut processed food out of your diet for a week and see how you feel. If this sounds daunting, try our tips:

Plan ahead
Make a meal plan for the week and stick to it. Check your cupboards and stock up on what you need. If you know what you’re cooking that night and know that you have all you need to make it, that’s half the battle.

Cook in batches
Make a larger amount than you normally would and have the rest for lunch the following day. You’ll save money on buying lunch when you’re at work and you’ll also know exactly what you’re eating. You can simply make more soup or you could use leftovers to make a salad or wrap. It’s up to you!

Think of your snacks
When meal planning, account for snacks! It’s easy to flag when you’re at work and a healthy snack can give you a little boost. Try homemade hummus and vegetable sticks or even a small box of assorted nuts. Ensuring you have healthy things to hand will make you less likely to dash to the shop for chocolate!

Monitor yourself
Be aware of how you feel in yourself after your meals and during the day. How well are you sleeping? What are your energy levels like? How does your skin look? When you make the switch or a homemade, natural diet, it’s easy to fall off the wagon at the start. But when you take the time to notice the positive changes in your body, you won’t want to give it up!