While there are events on throughout the year, it’s safe to say that there’s a bit of an explosion of them in the spring and summer. The promise of nicer weather can tempt beginners to give it a go.

If you have your first event coming up, here are some tips from the team to help you get prepared.

Lead Osteopath Alan Burke recommends ensuring you prep for the day itself, something that is often forgotten when you focus on training! Make sure you take the time to consider the day in its entirety:

  • What time will you need to get up in order to get there on time?
  • Make sure to check your route, particularly if you are taking public transport as there may be parts closed down if your event is over the weekend. It’s handy to have an alternative route in mind too.
  • How long is there between your arrival time and start time? Will you need to take a snack with you?

Chiropractor and Hypnotherapist Jean Luc Lafitte recommends getting yourself mentally prepared for the day. While visualising crossing the finish line and feeling the rush of pride and endorphins is incredibly invigorating, don’t neglect to visualise yourself at the start line. This is an achievement in itself – you’ve signed up and trained for this, focus on how great it’s going to feel on that start line, how much you’ll be looking forward to putting all that work to good use. This can help you combat nerves.

Receptionist Nikki recommends taking on your first challenge with other people rather than alone. This way a daunting task becomes something more fun when doing it with friends. It also helps you stick to the training schedule and can help with the nerves on the day.

Other things to bear in mind include:

Pack your bag a few days before!
Do check it the night before to reassure yourself you are fully prepared, but if you prepare a few days in advance and discover that you’re missing something essential, you have time to get hold of it. Packing the night before and realising you’re missing plasters or sunglasses is a nightmare – avoid it!

Remember to take care of yourself
Make sure that you have a plan for recovery. Your event does not end as you cross the finish line – ensure that you consider the rest of the day. How are you getting home, are you happy taking public transport? Do you have a sports massage booked to help you recover?  What are you going to eat? Even something as simple as making sure your have your favourite bubble bath can put the cherry on the top of your day.