As with everyone, the members of The Forge team like to set themselves healthier goals for the New Year. Everyone goes a little off course over the Christmas and New Year period and are ready to start with a fresh slate.

This year, our reception team has tried something a little different…

Practice Manager Vicky has been going on long walks with friends, as has receptionist Nikki, who has also taken up classes at a local gym.

These changes, taking on challenges with other people, rather than going it alone, have really worked for them. Here’s why…

Have a goal
Walking your errands, rather than relying on the car or public transport not only ticks things off your to-do list, but also quickly adds up the miles. If you are just going out ‘for a walk’ it’s easier to get bored and go home. Plan a route that allows you to get things done – whether it be dropping off some dry cleaning, picking up a parcel or meeting friends for lunch – and you are more likely to complete the walk!

Going with friends is even better as you don’t notice how far you’re going – and spending time with friends is always good for you!

The group mentality
Joining the gym is great, but having a group behind you can be much more encouraging than going it alone. Having an instructor on hand in a class is great as they can correct you if you’re not doing something correctly – which can help prevent injury. They are also there to ask for advice.

You are also bolstered by the group energy and will be encourage to push yourself a little further.

Trying different things
It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with a gym routine or a regular running route. Browse the timetable for your local gym and try something new. Switching up your usual exercise routine gives you a new challenge and can get you excited about your fitness again! You may even meet new friends to work out with!