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Our lead physiotherapist David Silver and our lead osteopath Alan Burke both offer gait analysis. Sometimes pain elsewhere in the body can be alleviated by correcting issues with your gait, which is why this is an important part of what we offer at the Forge.

It is difficult to give general advice about what shoes are best if you are experiencing pain. Some people need a slight heel, others are happier in flats. Until you are able to come in for gait assessment and get comprehensive, tailored advice about what is best for you, we would recommend wearing what is comfortable for you.

If you are a runner, it can be particularly helpful to have a gait assessment as any problems can be spotted before they lead to injuries.

We have all experienced the pain of new shoes. When shoes are in the process of being broken in they can make our feet ache or give us blisters. Women in particular know the pain of beautiful, but impractical high heels. You wouldn’t need a gait assessment for these (although we would recommend only wearing the impractical heels for very very special occasions and keeping a pair of comfy flats in your bag!).

However, if you are experiencing regular and ongoing pain in your feet, knees or back, a gait assessment could help you find out what the problem is and treat accordingly.

David and Alan use our treadmill and a camera to get detailed pictures of how your feet move when you are walking or running. (You can find out more about the process here). They are then able to create orthotics to correct any problems you might have and provide advice for what you buy in the future.

We If you are unsure about whether or not you need gait analysis, give us a call on 020 8332 6184, email us on or book online. If you do book online, please be sure to book with David or Alan.