Hayley WestonHayley Weston, who was one of our massage therapists before she moved to Australia, is running the London Marathon again this April. While training in Sydney she said:

“Training is going well and I’m where I need to be mileage wise, but it’s been a totally different ball game in terms of climate here. Very, very difficult in the heat and humidity. A few weeks ago I went for 15-mile run and left very early while it was still dark as I thought it would be slightly easier to run in. But at 5.30am it was already 27 degrees! So lots of stopping for drinks and stretching! As you can imagine it is extremely energy zapping, and I am constantly saying,  “I got nothing!”

“The weather has cooled down now, but it has been hammering down, so I’ve had to deal with warm torrential rain instead. So people might groan at the weather in terms of training for the marathon in London but hey it’s soooo much more easier than here!

“Time-wise, my last (and one and only!) marathon was three hours, 36 minutes. So I’m on for beating that, but realistically I’m not as prepared and fit this second time around. So anything under four hours will be great. Fingers crossed.”

We’ll keep you updated on Hayley’s progress during the run up to the big day.


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