Have you started sneezing yet? There’s definitely been a few sniffles around the clinic in the past week. Not a surprise given the sudden and drastic change in the weather!
Now we need to turn our attention to keeping as healthy as we can throughout the winter. Especially as party season is just around the corner and nobody wants to be nursing a cold then.
So lets look at some ways in which you can look after yourself.
Get stocked up
If you haven’t got any hand sanitiser, now is the time to make sure that you have some in your bag. This is especially important if you’re a commuter as this is where you’re most likely to pick up germs, trapped in a small space with lots of people. Make it a habit to use it!
It’s also handy to make sure you always have lemons, honey and ginger in the house so that you can make yourself a hot drink as soon as you feel the first symptoms.
Eat well and keep hydrated
It’s easy to slip into bad habits at this time of year when we crave carby or cheesy comfort foods. But autumn especially is brimming with so many good things to eat that it seems a shame to miss out! Check out our post on Awesome Autumn Veg to find out more.
Take extra special care of yourself
It’s easy to let things slide in the summer, but if you really want to avoid bugs ruining your winter, now is the time to make the extra effort to take good care of yourself. Get a good night’s sleep, anything from 7 – 9 hours; eat a hearty and warming breakfast; boost your immune system by eating foods rich in protein and vitamins A and B12. Your body will thank you for the boost and you may kickstart good habits for the year ahead!
Take time off!
It can be hard to hear – but, if you are ill, take the time off that you need! Not only does this help our your colleagues, it also allows you the time you need to recover. So dose yourself up, drink lots of warming drinks and watch a feel-good film!