Today, our physiotherapist David Silver shares his marathon tips. While you have done all your training and prepared as much as possible for the trace, we hope these last few tips can help you get through the race itself.
Hydration. During the race alternate water and sports drinks. Too much water can deplete your cells of essentials vitamins, minerals and salts as it goes straight through the body. The body views sports drinks as food so it takes a slower route through the digestive system and doesn’t dilute the tissues.
Pace. While you may be desperate to get going and start strong, keep things at a steady pace until at least the half way mark. You don’t want to wear yourself out before then. Conserve your energy for the last and hardest miles. You’ll be grateful you did!
Tried and tested. Today is not the day for your brand new runners – use the pair you’ve trained in so you avoid unnecessary blisters. You want a pair of trainers that you’ve broken in, but still provide the support your feet and legs need over the next 26 miles.
Keep your mind occupied. Play games to keep your mind off the discomfort. Run times tables, sing songs from beginning to end. Anything to keep your mind off of what you’re doing. By the final few miles, it really is a case of mind over matter, so talk yourself through those last miles – there’s no quitting now!
Post race. Once you’re over that finish line – don’t just stop! Much as you may want to sit down, your legs will simply stiffen up. Walk around for ten minutes – maybe go to collect your things or get a drink – in order to bring your heart rate down. Be sure to eat and drink something soon after you finish.
Always remember that you will feel the effects of the race the next day. If you are feeling something different to the usual stiffness you experienced in training, book an appointment with David who can guide you through your recovery.
David is available on Mondays and Fridays. You can call us on 020 8332 6184 or book online.