Reflexology is an holistic treatment performed on the feet. It works on a zone therapy principle, based on the mapping of reflex points which correspond to specific parts of the body.These points are stimulated by applying pressure to unblock the pathways to allow free channelling of energy via the nervous system. Areas that are obstructed manifest themselves as hard skin build up or accumulation of crystals which the therapist can feel and is able to disperse.Our bodies have a strong ability to heal themselves and reflexology can help to restore balance and support the body in its quest for healing.Its immediate effect is to induce a state of deep relaxation and many people fall asleep during treatment!It has been shown to :

  • To reduce stress caused by emotional or health problems and the detrimental effects this can have on the body in the form of migraines, digestive problems, skin disorders etc.
  • Promote better sleeping patterns
  • Help detoxify and release toxins in digestive, urinary and lymphatic system
  • Help with the boosting circulation.
  • Improve fertility and help with pain management in labour.
  • Speed up post operative recovery and reduce pain killers.
  • Help manage conditions such as ME, MS and Neuropathies.

It is beneficial to have a course of treatments to achieve a better effect. Please be aware that this therapy is not suitable for women in their first 3 months of pregnancy. Mum’s might also benefit from asking Giuliana for some tips on calming babies and curing hiccups with reflexology!Giuliana is available on Wednesdays. Please call or email to book an appointment or book online.