Here we are on the first day of February and now seems a good time to ask… How are you getting on with your resolutions?

January can be a tricky month – the first few weeks can be manic as we all try to get back into our old routines and catch up after Christmas and New Year off. On top of that, we’re often trying to implement new, healthier routines around them. This can be a recipe for disaster and means that by now, our resolutions have often been abandoned.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! There is no reason why your resolutions failing in January mean that you have to give them up until next January. Here are some tips for getting back in charge of your resolutions.

Be honest with yourself – have you fallen behind on your resolutions because January was quite hectic or because they aren’t that important to you?

If your goals are only goals because you feel they should be (getting into a certain dress size, for example) it’s time to let them go. Focus on the things that you want to achieve, rather than things you feel should be on the list.

Make time
Now that these goals are absolutely and definitely your goals, things that are important to you, the time you spend on them becomes me time. Guard it with your life! Schedule things into your diary so they become part of your routine and not just something you do as and when you have time (a.k.a never!). Speak to the people in your life so that they are aware of your aims and aren’t inadvertently sabotaging them by offering you cakes or intruding on your gym time.

Get help
Call in whatever help you need to achieve your goals. If you’re looking to lose weight, maybe you need to book an appointment with a Nutritional Therapist. If you want to stop smoking, perhaps a hypnotherapy session will help. If you are aiming to get fitter and healthier this year, maybe you need the help of a personal trainer, rather than just a gym membership. No man is an island, after all, so don’t expect to manage everything on your one – ask for help and support if you need it.

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