Welcome back to our blog. We hope you enjoyed your Christmas and New Year – we all did! And now we’re ready to hit the ground running with this week’s run of inspiring posts to help you create your very best year!

The best news we received over our Christmas break was that our physiotherapist and women’s health specialist, Renata Recarey, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on Saturday 21st December. We wish her all the very best in this new adventure and look forward to seeing when she returns to work in September.

Here at the Forge, we are focused on health – we believe that a healthy mind and a healthy body are the most important things and with them, you can achieve anything. So we are very proud to say that on Saturday 28th December 2013, Forge patient Sebastian Tomlinson, set off to India to embark on a 6 month cycling adventure. He will be raising money for The Vineyard Community Centre! We are proud to be sponsoring him and you can find out all about on tomorrow’s blog.

This week, we want to give you all the tools you need to recover from the end of year excesses and start the year right, so keep checking back for inspiration, tips and tricks!