Inactive Brits spend more time on the loo than they do exercising! That’s why National Fitness Day is encouraging the nation to get more active. Our team at The Forge Clinic share their ways to get fitter easily.

national_fitness_dayLots of people say they don’t have time to exercise, but there are lots of ways you can be more active without even noticing.

Vicky Baars, our Practice Manager, finds that exercise increases her energy levels and makes her more productive. A real benefit for a busy clinic like ours! She suggests: “Take the stairs instead of the lift, get off the bus a stop early or park further away so you have to walk

new piece of research suggests that some office workers spend over seven hours a day sitting down. Julie Deeks, our Nutritional Therapist, says “Sitting has become the new smoking! It’s scary that sitting is so bad for us. Long periods in a sedentary position can slow down your metabolism, which is bad news for your blood pressure, blood sugar levels and cardiovascular health, and you end up with poor posture and back problems”.

“Exercise boosts your brainpower too. New research from the University of Arizona claims that to remain intellectually healthy we should stay physically active. So how about “walking meetings” to let ideas flow while you walk and talk. Fitness is the one thing that you can do that is free, the only thing stopping you is you!”

Naomi Johns, Massage Therapist, says: “My tips are just to build extra activity into your everyday life. Walk up escalators and stand up more – especially if you have a desk-based job. Try setting a timer on your phone to remind you to get up and walk around a little bit!

In a University of York experiment, participants who stood up for three hours a day burned 50 more calories an hour than they did when sitting down! That’s the equivalent of running 10 marathons a year.”

The benefits of regular exercise are a healthier, happier life. And, don’t forget, no matter how tired you may feel exercise will always makes you feel better!”

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