Arthritis is a condition that causes painful inflammation in the joints and can affect your everyday life, from getting dressed to the hobbies you enjoy. There are a variety of forms of arthritis , but the most common are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout.

At the Forge, we have a variety of ways of treating arthritis. If you are suffering from gout, our nutritional therapists have experience in treating this condition and would be happy to talk to you about how she can help you. If you’d like to arrange a chat with Julie or book an appointment, give us a call on 020 8332 6184 to check her availability.

If you have booked in for a physiotherapy appointment, here are our physiotherapists’ top tips on preparing for your initial assessment:

  • Bring any and all information you have. Radiological evidence, like scans and reports, as well as results of recent blood tests, all help your practitioner get a clear picture of what is going on. This will guide their treatment of you.
  • Have a chat with other members of your family to find out as much as you can about your family history. Again, this can help our practitioners guide their treatment of you. Speak to older members or your family or extended family if you don’t know anything about your family’s medical history. You might find out something that could help!
  • Keep a pain diary in the days before your appointment. In this you should include your pain levels, any increase in pain or inflammation or flare ups. Also note down your activities, diet, any environmental factors (such as a trip to somewhere cold). This way your practitioner can help you make connections between what’s going on in your life and your flare ups, so you know what to avoid.

When you come in, your practitioner will work to treat your symptoms, but will also advise you on a home exercise programme. This way you can maintain the effects of treatment. The aim is to restore as much function as possible, without overdoing it. They will also advise you on specific and lighter exercises to do when you have a flare up to ease the pain.

If you would like to book in to see one our practitioners, you can call us on 020 8332 6184 or email us at Alternatively, you can book online.