Are you enjoying the autumn sunshine? Or are your thoughts turning towards knitwear, falling leaves and – inevitably – the delicious food that autumn brings?

What do you usually reach for in the darker months? Sugary gingerbread, carb-heavy meals and pumpkin spiced lattes? Well, today we’re here to suggest you switch it up a bit!

Soups are a a versatile foundation for a multitude of meals. Just like sandwiches, they can be customised however you like. They can be smooth or chunky, depending on your preference. They can cheaply use up your leftovers, or make a decadent starter course for a dinner party. They can be piping hot or chilled. They can be served with or without a side of bread for mopping up.

Soups are also easy to make – and particularly easy to make in large batches so there are always leftovers for lunches the next day.

At this time of year, soups are a great healthy alternative to stodgier fare and the vegetables in season right now are made for soups. Root vegetables like beetroot, carrot and pumpkin make great soups that are delicious and warming. Potatoes are excellent for adding an extra bite – add in large chunks to really soak up the flavours. Add a handful of lentils for an extra boost of protein.

You don’t have to only rely on vegetables either. Bacon makes a great addition to many soups and chicken is synonymous with comfort when you’re feeling under the weather. And don’t be afraid of herbs and spices! Spiced lentil and bacon is delicious, whereas a sprinkle of parsley can elevate a plain leek and potato. Add a little chilli if you’re feeling blocked up – the heat can help clear your sinuses!

Some of our favourite soups include:

Leek and Potato – The chunkier the better! Dense and flavoursome, this is one you don’t need to eat with bread.

Tomato and Basil – Warming on the coldest days, but with fresh flavours that make you remember warmer times.

French Onion – Simple and delicious. And impressive if you offer it up at a dinner party!

What are your favourite soups? Let us know so we can add them to our To Make list!

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