Today marks the first day of Stoptober!

Stoptober is a 28 day nationwide challenge to help people quit smoking. If you stop smoking for 28 days, you are more likely to stop for good.

We are all aware of the health problems that smoking creates, but it can be an extremely difficult habit for people to kick. Here at The Forge, we’re encouraging our patients to sign up to the challenge and receive regular support emails. Doing something on your own is much harder than when you’re doing it as part of a team.

However, Stoptober doesn’t have to just be about quitting smoking. If you have any bad habit you’d like to quit, now is as good a time as any. You could choose to give up drinking or chocolate for 28 days. You could even commit to quitting the car, except for very long journeys, to get yourself some more daily exercise!

Here are our tips for helping you make the very best of Stoptober!

Build a team
As previously stated, quitting a bad habit – and starting a new one – is so much easier when you’re not alone. Think about how much easier it is to go to the gym when you’re meeting a friend there, than it is when you go it alone. If you’re quitting smoking, sign up to the emails on the Stoptober website. If you’re quitting something else, let your friends and family know – maybe they’d like to join you in quitting? Even if they don’t, letting people know who will hold you accountable is an extra boost.

If you need extra support, hypnotherapy is a great help for quitting bad habits. You can book online for a hypnotherapy appointment with Jean Luc Lafitte. Alternativeity, you can give us a call on 020 8332 6184 or email us at

Find a replacement
A healthy replacement, that is! There’s no point replacing cigarettes with a bottle of wine or chocolate cake! Find a healthy snacking alternative to replace whatever you’re giving up, so that you’re giving yourself a nutrient boost too. You don’t have to rely on food as a replacement either – now is a great time to take up a new hobby. Throw yourself into that extensive book list, take up yoga or learn to knit. This will give you something constructive to focus on.

Have an end goal in mind
If you’re quitting smoking, your end game is to be smoke free. Focus on how that will change your life – your breathing will improve so you’ll be able to do more, for example. Knowing what you’re aiming for will help you resist each craving as it comes up.