If you haven’t played netball since your school days, maybe you should consider taking it up again.

Netball is a great way to ease back into team sports, as it’s currently undergoing a resurgence in popularity thanks to the Commonwealth Games. If you’re looking to kickstart an exercise regime, a team sport is a great incentive as you have to make a commitment to the team. It’s much harder to talk yourself out of something when you know you’ll be letting team-mates down.

Netball is an excellent beginner’s team sport as, with the exception of the centre position, all the positions are limited as to where on the court you’re allowed to move. This restriction means the sport requires short bursts of speed and activity, allowing you to rest in between. As a beginner, this is a great way to increase your fitness levels. Once you are feeling more confident, you can move to a more central position for a more intense work out!

You can also work on your hand and eye coordination while you play – particularly if you are in a goal shooting position. As with all team sports, netball requires concentration and mental dexterity. You have to be aware of your team-mates even when you’re not passing the ball and you need to work out what the best pass or shot will be when you have the ball. If this is not something you find particularly easy, a swift team sport, like netball, helps you develop these skills.

If you struggle with stress and switching off after work, getting on the court for a game will help you. The focus required doesn’t allow you to dwell on other things – as solo work outs can – so working off any tension during a game is good for your mental health too.

As the sport grows in popularity, there’s a lot of support for newcomers to the game. So don’t be shy about joining a team – even if you can’t remember the rules!

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