Last Tuesday saw the Autumn Equinox, the official first day of autumn. While we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a few last glorious sunshiny days, there is a definitely crispness to the air now and the nights are starting to draw in.

It can be difficult to adjust to cooler weather, getting up in the dark and spending more time indoors, especially after such a lovely summer. But here are our tips to keep you smiling and looking on the bright side – no matter how dark it gets!

Add some colour
We often put away our colourful clothes once the summer is over and reach for darker tones, in blacks, greys and browns. But there’s no reason to reject colour! Autumn is a colourful time of year with the trees turning all shades of red and gold. Reach for a bright red jumper or a sunny yellow handbag and notice the effect that a shot of colour has on your mood.

Be good to yourself
Don’t give up on all your good habits just because you’ll be spending the next few months huddled inside jumpers and big coats. A run, a gym session or a class will keep your energy up throughout the colder months. With the added bonus that you won’t have to worry about how you’ll look in your summer clothes next year! As autumn tends to be less busy, it’s also a great time to deal with any concerns you have. So if you’re worried about a niggling injury or any other aches and pains, book yourself in with one of our practitioners and get it sorted!

Treat yourself
If the weather is starting to get you down – treat yourself! It needn’t be expensive, it could be as simple as a cinema trip or a drink with your friends. A massage is a great treat for yourself as it’s great for your body as well as relaxing. You can book in with one of our massage therapists any day of the week.

Eat well
After a few months of light meals and healthy salads, the cooler weather can have us reaching for stodgier fare. Resist the urge to comfort eat, but enjoy the great vegetables that are in season. From roasted butternut squash to leek and potato soup, it is possible to eat healthily and heartily! If you struggle to maintain a healthy diet, our nutritional therapist Julie Deeks can help you. Give us a call to check her availability.