Today marks the first day of BackCare Awareness Week 2015.

Back pain is something we see every day here at The Forge Clinic and we know how debilitating and frustrating to live with it can be. BackCare’s aims are to fund more scientific research into back pain, in order to thoroughly understand the causes so that we can help manage it and even prevent it.

For those suffering from back pain, BackCare wants to help you by providing all the information and advice that you need.

We are working with BackCare this week to help achieve those aims. Back pain is now a major health issue which deserves its own funding and research. With musculoskeletal disorders now one of the leading causes of sickness absence, it’s in everyone’s best interests to find out more about it.

All of our practitioners have a wealth of experience in treating back pain – from acute flare-ups to ongoing chronic pain management. They are able not only to treat your pain, but provide you with advice on managing the pain at home and any other steps you can take to help.

This Friday morning, our Chiropractor Jean Luc Lafitte is offering free 10 minute consultations with anyone suffering back pain. If you have any questions that you would like answered before booking a standard appointment, you can take this opportunity to talk to him. Please note that there will be no treatment during this free consultation but he will be able to answer your questions on how he treats and how he would be able to help. He would also be able to guide you to another member of the team if he felt that you would benefit more from their treatment.

These slots are very limited, so please call us as soon as you can on 020 8332 6184 to book one.