Chiropractor Jean Luc Lafitte has been treating back pain in all its forms for many years. As part of BackCare Awareness Week, he shares the most common question he hears from his patients.

“I am often asked with some surprise by my patients why they have so much back pain, when all they did was pick up a coin or some other light object from the ground.

They report going to the gym on a regular basis, picking up the kids, and even moving furniture around without experiencing even the mildest twinge

So how can such a light object be the cause of this much pain? The truth is in the saying: The straw that broke the camel’s back.

Your body has an amazing ability to cope and adapt, but this adaptive capacity has its limits. The truth is that though we think we make all the decisions about our bodies,  the reality is our bodies have an inbuilt autopilot survival mechanism

The spine is meant to have three curves, one inward curve in the neck, one outward curve in the middle back and one inward curve in the lower back. This is so that when you walk, the spine can open and close like a loaded spring, and thereby absorb stress.

The bones in the spine house the most important part of our spine, the spinal cord, so when these curves are stressed out of their normal range, and the spinal cord is put into danger of being compressed, the body will respond by sending the muscles into spasm to brace and thereby protect this vital structure.

This is why I stress the need for three monthly check-ups, to prevent this happening. Allowing you to carry on going to the gym, moving furniture, picking up the kids, and yes, even picking up that lucky penny from the pavement!”

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