We’ve talked about organising your mornings and evenings to make them go more smoothly and lead to a more pleasant day. But what about the middle of the day? If you’re looking to spring clean your daily routine, the middle is a place that can easily be overlooked, but can just as easily be brightened up!

Get away from your desk
Don’t spend all day at your desk. Break up your day by getting up to stretch your legs and stretching. It will give you an energy boost and stop you spending hour after hour hunched over your computer. Get up to make yourself a cup of tea, go over to your colleague instead of using chat on your computer, maybe even volunteer for the coffee run!

Embrace your lunch hour
Get out of the office! Your lunch hour is your time to unwind and think about other things, so that you can come back to your work refreshed and ready to dive back in. If you find yourself flagging in the afternoons, it’s probably because you didn’t take that energising lunch break. If you have a shower at work, go for a run. If you have a local gym, sign up and try a yoga class on your break. Even if you can’t manage these, just getting out and going for a walk is good for you. And if it’s raining? Dive into that book you never seem to have time to read.

Get organised
We all tend to flag at the end of the day, so instead of just powering through, take a break. Sit down with a drink and figure out what you need to get done this afternoon. Highlight the things that are most important. Just taking the time to refocus your mind can work wonders for your productivity and leave you feeling less stressed!