Last week we talked about the importance of starting your day right and how a great morning can lead to a great day. Today we’re talking about the end of your day.

Many of us find that our work bleeds into our evenings, which can lead to feelings of stress and frustration, which can have a knock on effect on your sleep habits.

Here are some tips for ending your day just as nicely as you began it.

Leave on time
How many times a week do you stay late? Try and make sure the days you leave on time outnumber the days you leave late. Pick your battles – stay if it really cannot wait until tomorrow. But if it can, leave it and don’t feel guilty – you will do a quicker and better job when you are fresh tomorrow. Book yourself in for an appointment after work, if you need an incentive to leave on time!

Get in some exercise
Are you struggling to fit exercise into your day? Have you considered walking home, or even running? If you live near enough to work that you can do this, definitely consider it. You have to get home anyway, so you may as well accomplish something else with the trip! Plus, you’ll get home knowing you needn’t worry about fitting in a work out and can revel in knowing you’ve done it!

Enjoy your evening
This is your time, so make it quality time. Don’t sit down to watch any old thing on the TV – make sure it’s something you really want to watch. If there’s nothing, grab a book or a magazine, or challenge your partner or housemate to a board game!

Don’t go to bed just to sleep
This may seem a strange one, but often having a nightly ritual can help you sleep. This may mean going to bed early enought o read for a little while, or just taking the time to sit in bed, brush your hair and put on some hand cream. Give yourself a little time to unwind before trying to fall asleep instead of diving into bed and expecting to nod off immediately!