The importance of inspiration cannot be overlooked. Inspiration can encourage us to do great things. Many people have someone they admire – maybe someone you look up to in your career. But have you ever considered finding yourself a health role model?

Many top athletes look up to someone who has gone before. This person may have been the inspiration for them taking up their sport in the first place. But this isn’t something that is only worthwhile for professional sports people – it can be a real help to you too!

How to find your fitness role model

Think back to the 2012 Olympics; was there anyone who really stood out for you? Perhaps you were most inspired by Mo Farah. who came to England at the age of 8, barely speaking a word of English and went on to be a gold medallist for Team GB. Maybe you admired Jessica Ennis-Hill’s determination to not only win gold, but to also take the British National Record for the heptathlon, the indoor pentathlon, the 100 metres hurdles and the outdoor high jump!

You don’t have to focus on traditional athletes for your role model either. If you don’t enjoy sport, then you’re probably not going to be as inspired by a long-distance runner or hurdler.

If you love dancing, go to shows and be inspired by the spectacle. There are many kinds of dance out there, so this is also a great way to discover a new type of dance to try out! If you prefer games, like tennis, or badminton, find out about the stars of the sport.

Read all you can about the people you admire. Everyone has obstacles to overcome and seeing that someone you admire has done just that can spur you on. We’d love to hear about who inspires you to move on the greyest and coldest days, so please share them in the comments on Facebook or Twitter!