Over the next few weeks, we want to share more of our patients’ successes with you. So many of our patients set themselves impressive challenges that we wanted to share them with you and hopefully inspire you!

After a long and hot run on the Greek island of Tilos a couple years ago – stretching or just exhausted?!

After a long and hot run on the Greek island of Tilos a couple years ago – stretching or just exhausted?!

David lives on the South Coast and commutes to Richmond, where he works and visits osteopath Alan Burke for treatment. He works in the Charity Sector, heading up a charity which in turn supports other charities and not-for-profits. While David is ok being 55 years old, the runner in him wishes he wasn’t!

David has been running for about 15 years. For about 10 of those he was a solo runner, “running steadily and very unspectacularly.” After many years of trying to secure a place, he was eventually accepted to run the London Marathon in 2008. He did well as a first timer, with a time of 04.25.30 and since then he has completed an impressive 8 full marathons with his PB being Brighton 2013 with a time of 03.47.32.

His most recent marathon was in Rome, completed in a time of 03.59.55. Proving you can combine a trip away with some serious exercise! His next marathon is scheduled for the end of May in Edinburgh, bringing his total marathons up to nine!

Although David used to run at school, by the time he was in his mid-teens it was the early 1970s, long before running was cool, so running and sports in general were decidedly uncool! Sound familiar? And so David stopped running and now regrets his non-running years.

In his mid-40s, David took up running again mainly to keep fit as moving out of London left him with a lengthy commute. As the running bug took hold the idea of completing a marathon took hold… Eight marathons later and David still enjoys them – so much so he’s already thinking about where to run his tenth!

David cannot now imagine his life without running. He feels that in many ways it shapes a great part of his identity and passion. In 2009, he joined a running club, Worthing and District Harriers, which has also helped his development as a runner. Apart from gaining entry to a huge range of races from 5ks to marathons, he has made a lot of friends. It’s always good to have people you can talk to about times, PBs, injuries and goals. It stops you boring the non-runners in your lives!

David feels that racing gives running excellent structure and focus as well as goals to aim for and achieve. He quite likes the medals too! However, he doesn’t think racing is essential to being a runner.

As a patient at the Forge, David has been seeing our osteopath Alan Burke for a number of years. His initial visit was as a result of an injury. Alan treated it of course, but rather than treating it as a one-off, the problem was fully diagnosed by measuring David’s running style, gait, past injuries etc. The result was that he had custom-made orthotics fitted in his running shoes.

David sees Alan whenever he needs too and always in the run up to a big race. Ironically, he was pretty injured a week before the 2013 Spring Marathon. He saw Alan who worked on the affected calf area and strapped the area with thermo-tape. It was then very much a case of seeing whether he’d be able to run at all, let alone a Marathon. The result? A PB at 3 hours 47. Proving that effective treatment at the right time really can help.

If you’ve been inspired by David’s story, here are his top tips:

  • Buy a DECENT pair of running shoes from a specialist running shop.
  • Join a club if you can.
  • Do not let poor weather deter you. We live in the UK after all. If it’s raining, ignore it. It’s just rain!
  • Enjoy the joy of running but sometimes, make yourself work a little harder and push yourself
  • Listen to your body.
  • Factor in advice from a trained specialist and see a sports therapist when you need to. Listen to them.
  • Get out there and run!

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