Our clinic is made up of many active and sporty people. We have cyclists, triathletes and yoga-nuts. Sport is a great way to keep fit, meet new people and achieve new goals.

Ever since treating the Oxford Boat Crew for the two weeks before the Boat Race several years ago, massage therapist Nicky McClean wanted to get on the water and try it herself. She eventually took up rowing in May this year. As a massage therapist, she only uses her upper body and was looking for a way to even up the muscle groups in her body.

Rowing has helped because she has to work her legs a lot more than her arms. There is a knack to it – you shouldn’t be white-knuckled! Your arms should follow through on the movement instigated by your legs, but your legs should be powering you through. Making it the ideal sport for massage therapists!

Despite being scared of boats, Nicky decided to get out of her comfort zone and try it. She can now be found out in all weathers and loves being outside in the fresh air.

Is there anything you’d like to try, but you’re scared? There’s never a better time than the New Year to make a list of new things you want to try, things you’ve always wanted to have a go at and never got around to. Maybe you should take a leaf out of Nicky’s book and just do it – you never know where you might find a new passion!