As technology develops, many young children are spending more time online or playing video games, than outside playing in the fresh air. While mastering technology is an important thing to do, loving movement from a young age is also important. If you learn to love exercise, sports and generally moving your body when you are a child, not only are you more likely to be an active adult, you will find it easier to get into an exercise routine.

Creating good habits during childhood is one of the best things you can do for your child, so here are our tips for getting your family active…

Take part in events
Getting involved in an event can really get your children excited about exercise. You don’t have to sign up to a big event either – taking an active part in sports day can be great fun for you both! Spending time ‘training’ in the lead up to the big day also teaches your child about the importance of preparation. If you enjoy it so much you want to take part in another event, there are several that offer options for youngsters. Our Practice Manager’s daughter Evie completed a 5k run this summer!

Join a team
Joining a team is great for the body and mind as it also helps develop social skills. There are many sports that offer youth teams and usually meet at the weekend. Check out what’s available in your local area – you can find anything from football and basketball to gymnastics and trampoline. Joining a team will encourage your child to practice before meet-ups and may inspire you to take up something new!

Try new things together
Finding out about new sports or things to try can be a fun way of spending time together. Remember how much fun you had climbing trees when you were little? Try that this weekend with your son and daughter! Were they fascinated by hurdling at the Olympics? Find somewhere you can go and try that too. You might discover something you love!

Be open to their ideas
Children are often eager to try several new things, so try to be open to them and see if there’s a way to try them out. If they like the look of surfing – maybe you could try that on your next holiday? If they’ve been wanting to try cycling, perhaps hire some bikes and explore your local area. While some things may be a one hit wonder, others may stick. Either way, you’ll have great memories!