When the days get darker and colder, do you find yourself reaching for comfort food? It’s easy to do at this time of year – the chill makes us crave warming food and hibernating on the sofa seems like the best idea! As the shops fill up with Christmassy treats, temptation is never far away.

But it is actually just as easy to eat healthily this time as year. Follow our top tips and feel just as great this winter as you did throughout the summer.

Load up on veg
Root vegetables make the best comfort food, so eat your fill. From baked sweet potatoes to roasted pumpkins, the possibilities are endless. Make chunky soups out of the leftovers, or make up a big batch for the week ahead. Sunday roasts are also great cold weather food – go easy on the sugary sauces, choose lean proteins and pile up the greens!

Eat more fish
Fish isn’t just a summertime dish and it doesn’t just have to come from the chip shop! Fish is a great source of omega oils and is low in saturated fat. It’s also an excellent source of light protein, so will fill you up without weighing you down. Eat with seasonal veg for a healthy and warming meal.

Eat your breakfast!
Now is not the time to skip your breakfast, so make sure you eat a good one before you leave the house. Porridge is a good idea as the oats release energy slowly and you won’t be tempted to snack before lunch. Having a warm breakfast also makes it easier to brave the cold outside!

Avoid the sweets aisle
A lot of the sweets and treats we buy at Christmas are nostalgic. We are often more tempted by things that trigger warm memories, so avoid the sweets aisle in the supermarket until you are ready to celebrate!