With only a couple of weeks to go until his marathon in Venice, The Forge’s Clinic Director Husam Fakhry had to pull out of a local half marathon. While some people would consider this a failure, Husam is raring to go for his marathon.

Today’s culture focuses so intently on success and its trappings, that we forget the important lessons we can learn from what we perceive as failure. When it comes to fitness, while it’s good to ‘push through’ for a faster time or a longer run, the most important thing is to listen to our bodies find here. This is crucial when taking part in a big event, especially if it is your first challenge.

Here are our tips for making failure a success…

Know the difference
There are times when we make excuses – writing off a work out because we feel a little under the weather, for example. But there are also times when we are genuinely to ill to work out. Be honest with yourself and learn the difference between needing a rest and making excuses.

While pushing through when you don’t want to is great for your mental strength, never push through sickness or any pain or discomfort. If you are ill, rest and take care of yourself – be aware of your diet and fluid intake to help you recover quicker. If you are experiencing any pain, book in to see one of our practitioners immediately. They can not only treat you, but can give you advice on your ongoing regime.

What went wrong?
If you have a bad run or get sick in the lead up to a big event – ask yourself what went wrong? Is it possible that you overdid your training? The only way you can really fail is by not learning from what wrong.

Be kind
One missed run is not a disaster. We are too quick to beat ourselves up for the one thing we didn’t do, instead of congratulating ourselves on all the things we have achieved. If you need to miss a work out, reschedule it and focus on all the work you’ve done so far.

Give us a call if you are struggling with your race prep. We can offer you support and guidance – and a great massage to keep you going! Give us a call on 020 8332 6184, email us at info@theforgeclinic.com or book online.