Our Clinic Director, Husam Fakhry, has been back in training this year after a year off of training due to injury. You can read about his experiences in previous posts here and here.

He started off with gentle training, gradually working his way back into fitness. After an injury, easing yourself back in is always advisable. Tempting as it is to try and start back at the level you were at, you could risk causing further injury, so we always advise that you start small and work your way back up!

Husam started off with 5k runs and then tackled 10ks. He has been monitoring his time throughout these events and we are very proud to say that he has improved his pace every time!

The next step was to tackle a half marathon and Husam chose the Maidenhead Half. As this was his first half marathon since coming back from injury, he was understandably nervous and felt very apprehensive as he was driving there on the day.

There was no reason to be nervous, as his preparation for the race had been going well click to investigate. His longest run before the half marathon was 11, so he needed to dig deep and find the extra 2.1 miles from somewhere. The adrenaline and the crowds often help carry you a little further than you might manage in your training runs.

There were three bottlenecks at the start of the race, meaning that his first mile is longer than the other miles. But apart from that, the race went very well. He felt strong throughout, didn’t slow down and was focused on maintaining his pace.

The focus paid off! Husam was aiming to come in under 2hrs 15mins and actually managed 2hrs 9mins!

His next half marathon is the Bristol Half Marathon on 21st September, so he’ll be aiming to match – or beat! – his current time of 2.09. He aims to be at the start line for the Venice Marathon on 26th October, so that is what he is currently training for. Husam’s focus is now on increasing his mileage and tackling more long runs – this means regular massage at The Forge, to help his recovery and keep him in tip top shape for Venice!

We’ll update you on Husam’s progress and preparation after the next half marathon at the end of the month!