So back pain can be cured by antibiotics, says a study published at the end of April by the European Spine Journal. It states that antibiotics can relieve symptoms of chronic low back pain for 40% of participants. According to the researchers the back pain symptoms would be linked to a bacteria and its infectious effect on your spine.
So what was actually studied? 162 patients with low back pain for more than 6 months were divided in 2 groups. One group received antibiotics for a period of 100 days. And that group saw reduced symptoms.

Already the British Society for Back pain have said that this might only apply to patients with a slipped disc. And one wonders what effect 100 days of antibiotics would have on the whole body. A more detailed analysis of the study shows that all the chosen subjects were not suffering from disc damage, nor were screened for other pain generators like arthritis, for example. The study didn’t take into account how antibiotics affect pain perception in the whole body. Finally, there was no comparison with known treatments like steroid injections or manual therapies.

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