Phil tell us how his artistic talent has been deeply challenged by nerve damage to his right hand. Suddenly, the lack of nerve control to his hand stopped him to draw neatly with small points and dots. This handshake was the end of a personal dream.
When his therapist told him the nerve damage was permanent, he decided to quit Art. After a time, the passion came back and he thought of many ways around the shaking as he remembered his therapist telling him “why don’t you just embrace the shake”.
Phil inspires us to Look at limitation as a source of creativity. Every barrier is a way to reinvent all the possible ways to do what we want. Lets get inspired to replicate his creativity to get over Pain or definitive body changes. We could call it Creative Compensation, as they are muscle and postural compensation. 10 minutes of an inspiring video featuring wonderful drawings. Worth your time.

Please tell us about your Creative Compensations here.