Over the next few weeks, we want to share more of our patients’ successes with you. So many of our patients set themselves impressive challenges that we wanted to share them with you and hopefully inspire you!

Iain is 50 years old, married with two children, and recently ran the London Marathon for the second time. He sees Jackie Takahashi for regular massages throughout his training. He started running about 4 years ago, after giving up squash due to back problems.

He had a double spinal fusion operation in 1999 which regressed about 10 years later. So, in his mid-40s and getting fatter (his words!) Iain was inspired by his wife who had started running to lose weight. He decided one day to run with her – after all, how hard could it be? After collapsing in a heap after 15 minutes, he realised his fitness levels were terrible.

But rather than give up, it only made Iain more determined. He started running 3 minute intervals with walking in between and gradually built that up over the months until he could run for an hour. Then Iain entered his first half marathon in 2011 – no 5k or 10k races for this runner!

Last year, Iain completed the London Marathon in 3 hours 56 mins – achieving his goal of getting in under 4 hours. This was his wife’s second London Marathon and, despite starting in a pen two minutes behind Iain, she tapped him on the shoulder and ran past with 3 miles to go. Ever competitive, they were back for more this year, beating his time by 16 minutes, coming in at 3 hours 40 minutes. He even managed to beat his wife who completed the race in 3 hours 44.

Thanks to regular training, Iain feels more energised than when he lived a more sedentary life. He really enjoys setting seemingly impossible objectives and achieving them. He never thought that he would have the time to train for a marathon, let alone run one! He has learnt that anything can be achieved if you set yourself a goal, break it down into smaller parts and prepare for it. You can read more about this techniques in our blog here.

Next year Iain is planning to go for a full Iron Man triathlon, so he’ll definitely be breaking that down into smaller goals!

Iain sees massage therapist Jackie Takahashi regularly. He feels that as his body is past its prime (again – his words!) it really benefits from some regular maintenance. He has noticed a big difference this year compared to last and feels that regular massages with Jackie – despite the pain! – do him a lot of good. His legs feel lighter and we are happy to report that he has been able to avoid injury so far.

Iain is raising money for Save the Rhino and his sponsorship page is still live until the end of May, so if you would like to sponsor him, you can do so at their Virgin Giving page here.

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