A panic attack occurs when your body goes into ‘fight or flight’ mode when you encounter something you perceive as a threat. Panic attacks are a rush of physical and psychological symptoms which can be very frightening. These symptoms include:

  • An overwhelming sense of fear
  • Shortness of breath or a choking sensation
  • Sweating
  • Heart palpitations
  • Nausea
  • Trembling

These symptoms can last anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes and though these sensations can be frightening, it is unlikely you would be admitted to hospital.

Panic attacks can be debilitating, especially if they happen regularly, and are often the accumulation of stress that has been allowed to build up. When suffering a panic attack, the best advice is to focus on your breathing to help calm the symptoms and recover. However, people suffering regular attacks have been looking for a more effective method of treatment.

Our chiropractor and hypnotherapist Jean Luc Lafitte has been working for the last two and a half years to find an effective long term treatment for this. His treatment, called “The Pec Method”, treats what he believes are the essential components of a panic attack, the Physical, the Emotional and the Chemical (hence the PEC method).

He has recently launched an online home for this method, which you can find here. If you or any of your friends suffer from panic attacks, please check out The PEC Method or book in to see Jean Luc at The Forge.


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