Now is the time of year that we start to layer up with jumpers and coats and reach for heartier meals – and lots of hot chocolate!

Because of this, a lot of us let our fitness regime slide, or put off starting a new one until the New Year. By now, you know that we’re not going to be advocating that!

People tend to let things slide at this time of year for a variety of reasons – there’s so much else to do, it’s cold and dark and therefore not tempting to go outside and swimsuit season seems very far away. So if you’re looking for some motivation to kickstart a new routine or rejuvenate an old one – look no further than our top tips…

Party season
While you might not be planning a beach break until next summer, chances are you have a least one Christmas party to go to this year. Treat yourself to a gorgeous new outfit and use that as motivation. There’s nothing better than showing up to a party looking and feeling great.

Make it easy on yourself
If your fitness regime is seasonal, chances are you are making life harder for yourself. By maintaining a regime throughout the year, not only are you keeping yourself in the best fitness all the time, but you then get to skip the inevitable diet that comes before a holiday. Being healthy and confident in your own skin should be a year round goal.

Beat the bloat
You know that post Christmas feeling – sluggish and bloated? Why not skip that this year? Keep up your fitness regime – or start a new one! – and be smart about the treats you allow yourself If you are looking for help with your eating habits, contact us on 020 8332 6184 or email us at and arrange an appointment with our nutritional therapist Julie Deeks.