How do you start your day? If you have less to do over the weekends, I bet you prefer those mornings to the busy weekday ones. Take a moment to compare your weekday to your weekend mornings. Before work, are you startled awake by an alarm clock and have to hurry through your morning routine in order to catch your train or bus? Do you sleep in over the weekends and enjoy a leisurely breakfast and shower before heading out into the world?

While breakfast is the most important meal of the day, mornings are often just as crucial. A delayed train, a lost travel card, burnt toast… All these little things can mount up and ruin the rest of your day.

Try and start your day the best way you can, to make the most of every day.

Prepare the night before
Boring as it may sound, taking a few minutes every night to prepare for your morning. This could mean getting your clothes out ready, packing your bag and tracking down the things you or getting your lunch ready. Preparing the night before means you can have an extra few minutes in bed and don’t have to worry about finding things when you might not be at your best.

Get up a little earlier
While preparation can mean an extra ten minutes in bed, don’t keep hitting the snooze button! Leaving it to the very last minute means you will have to rush and stress yourself out. Getting up just 5 minutes before that last minute can mean a little longer in a hot shower or more time to enjoy your breakfast.

Ease into your day
If you are able to, see if you can book a massage in the morning, not only will it set you up for the day, but it will help you get out of bed!