Summer holidays can be tough – you can’t always rely on the weather and they seem to go on forever! If you’re already struggling for ideas or need some for the tail end of the holidays, here are some things you can try.


Though British Summertime can be unreliable, it can also be blazing hot! Best to make the most of it when it happens and get outside as much as possible.

Splash About
There are lots of lidos in London, where you can enjoy the sun, keep cool and have lots of fun splashing about. Not only great for the kids, but can also be good for you too if you suffer from back pain as swimming is a gentle and supportive work out.

Eat Al Fresco
Enjoy your meals outside as much as possible. Picnics are a fun way to spend time with friends and we have plenty of tips for healthy picnic food on the blog. Remember to pack plenty of water and something to entertain the kids when they’re not eating. Frisbee anyone?

Adventure Time!
Get some friends together to enjoy the sunshine. Plan a day in the park playing rounders or football. If you get plenty of parents and guardians involved too, it’s more fun for you and there’s nothing better than a good game in the sun.

If you can’t get a big enough team together, explore your local green areas. Head out to see what wildlife you can spot; climb trees; run races – you’ll make some great memories.



On rainy days it can be difficult to know what to do for the best. Children especially find it hard to be cooped up inside, but it’s often even harder for parents to come up with a constant stream of ideas for entertainment.

Get cooking
Getting the kids involved in cooking and creating healthy meals is important for later life. Not only will they enjoy helping prepare a meal, they’ll learn important life skills. And everyone enjoys baking!

You could also get them involved in meal planning too (another useful life skill) by getting out the cookbooks and letting them choose what they want to make. It could help you discover a new recipe!

Indoor Adventure
Climbing is a great sport that is rapidly taking off. See if there is anywhere near you that caters for children – maybe you’d like to join in too! It’s a great upper body workout and a good story to share with their schoolmates in September.

Start Inventing!
When all else fails, start making it up!  If there is one things that kids are really great at, it’s imagining. Get them to write their own fantasy story, complete with illustrations. Or invent a new game you could all play as a family. Things like this are great for developing communication skills and problem solving – and it may keep them quiet while you take 5!