We are all very excited to have the Rugby World Cup on our doorstep this year! There are several very big rugby enthusiasts on the Forge team. From physiotherapists Rory Mee and David Silver, who regularly work with rugby players to massage therapist Jackie Takahashi who is currently working with the Japanese Rugby Team – Rugby fever has certainly hit The Forge hard!

While we are all very happy to be in the thick of it – it’s always worth bearing in mind that big events can cause some disruption on the roads and on the trains. We are currently advising all of our patients to check before they travel to their appointments, as there are several large road closures. We’d also advise signing up to TFL email travel alerts here. This way you’ll get a weekly email letting you know about any planned closures or strikes – quite handy to know when planning your week!

But apart from the potential travel disruption, there isn’t much not to love about having such a great event here in the UK. After the fun of the Olympics in 2012, we are only too happy to host another worldwide event. But how will you be enjoying it? Here are some of our ideas…

Make a party of it
Invite over some friends to watch the game with you. You could cook some snacks to eat or ask everyone to bring a little something. An event like this should be an excuse to get together with some like minded friends, spending time together cheering on your team.

Get out and about
You don’t have to stay home to watch the rugby – there are plenty of pubs showing the games and live outdoor events all over the country. Here’s just one list of places where you can watch a variety of the games: The Londonist

Try it yourself
You know we love to encourage you to be as active as possible, so we’re hoping that some of you will be inspired to throw a ball around in the park with friends. If you’re more enthusiastic, try looking for a local club to join. It’s a great way to get fit, clear your mind of the stresses of the week and enjoy meeting new people!

How are you celebrating the Rugby World Cup? And who are you cheering on? Let us know!