How many times do you check your phone every day? Looking for possible messages or scanning through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?

I bet if you kept a tally of how often you engage with technology – from a day in front of the computer to scrolling Facebook on your journey home – you’d be shocked.

We heartily encourage you to take time off from technology. We see many people who suffer neck or back pain due to hunching over a computer all day. Look around your train carriage and you’ll see people hunched the same way over a tablet or phone.

Here are our tips for getting off tech:

Remove temptation.
Put yourself in a situation where you can’t use your phone. Our receptionist Nikki recently went camping while on holiday in Cornwall and enjoyed the break from technology. If your phone isn’t there, you aren’t tempted to check and you stop wondering if you’re missing anything.

Turn it off.
The simplest way to have a break is to turn it off. Turn it off in the cinema or theatre and engage with what’s going on around you. If you’re out with friends or enjoying a family dinner, agree to all turn your phones off and focus on the conversation. Make Sundays a tech free zone and head out to enjoy the great outdoors, try a new gym class – if it’s raining you can always stay in and catch up on a good book! Again, it’s all about removing the temptation. If you’re worried about people trying to get hold of you, let them know when your phone will be off.

Pick and choose.
How many of your apps do you actually use? Go through them and delete the ones you don’t use. If you really want to cut down on your tech time, maybe consider deleting some social media apps – do you really need to check into Facebook more than once a day?

Get an alarm clock.
How many of us use an old fashioned alarm clock these days? So many of us use our phones as an alarm and this means that we’re often tempted to use our phone before bed and check messages the moment we wake up. Get an alarm clock and leave your phone in your work bag. Try swapping your bedtime surf for a few pages of a good book – you’ll sleep much better for it!