Triathlon is an endurance sport made up of three separate, but continuous disciplines. The most popular combination is swimming, running and cycling. Each part happens in immediate succession – there’s no time to dry off or catch your breath between each one!

Triathlon has been an Olympic sport since 2000. In the London 2012 games Alistair Brownlee won gold for Team GB in the men’s event and Welsh triathlete Helen Jenkins took 5th place in the women’s event. Triathlon will become a Paralympic sport at the next games in 2016.

How can I get involved?

As triathlon distances vary, we’d recommend signing up for the shortest one you can find. But however short the distance, this is by no means an easy event. There are a lot of amateur events out there, so do your research before you sign up.

The fact that it is made up of three disciplines means that you have to train for three different events. Training can take up a lot of time, so we’d recommend not jumping straight in with a triathlon! Try focusing on just running events to start with – or cycling or swimming if you prefer. This will get you used to creating room in your schedule for training.

Get all the help you can when you do start training. Come to us for an MOT before you start and let your practitioner know that you’re about to start training for a triathlon. This way they can give you some great advice and – if they notice any weak areas – they can let you know how to avoid injury.

We recommend having regular sports massage throughout your training and after your event to aid recovery and get you back out there as soon as possible!

Are you interested in taking part in a triathlon? Let us know!