Here at the Forge, we like to try lots of different things. There are so many ways you can keep fit and healthy that you could avoid the gym altogether if you wanted!

We’ve mentioned other different ways you can get fit in previous posts, so if you’re looking for inspiration, you can find it here: HIITTriathlonAqua Cycling and Rowing.

Today it’s all about climbing. As with all kinds of sport, you can meet a variety of new people when you start climbing, so if you’re looking to widen your social circle – fitness is a great place to start!

But don’t worry, climbing isn’t all about rocks and mountains and being out in the – often unpredictable – English weather. While that is certainly a part and many climbers prefer outdoor climbing, however we would always recommend that you start small and work your way up to avoid injury. There are lots of indoor climbing centres in London and you can book time with an instructor at one of them so they can – literally! – show you the ropes.

If it’s a sport that catches your interest once you’ve tried it, we’d suggest booking onto a beginners course so that you can learn all about the equipment and how to stay safe.

But why would you want to take up climbing? Climbing is an incredible upper body work out, so if you’re looking to tone up your arms and shoulders, you should look into climbing. But climbing doesn’t just focus on physical strength – though this will increase as you do more – it is also about mental strength too. When it comes to routes, problem-solving is important. As is the focus to overcome any fear you might feel if you look down!