Mindfulness is something we like to make our patients aware of as it can lead to a less stressful life. If you are more mindful of yourself and your surroundings, you are more likely to notice when your posture is poor or when you need a preventative treatment. There are many ways to practice mindfulness – some people find the daily dog walk helps them unwind, while others swear by the new colouring book trend (receptionist Nikki is especially fond of the Harry Potter and Game of Thrones versions!) For many other people, learning to meditate is daily habit that helps them find peace in their busy schedule.

Not sure where to start though? Try some of these…

Mindfulness in Eight Weeks by Michael Chaskalson
If a focused plan is what works for you, this is a great place to start. The book comes accompanied by an audio to help you through the practical exercises and, as it is spread out over eight weeks, is easy to fit into your busy life. Using a programme that guides you through the first two months may very well help you get into the habit for the rest of your life.

Meditation for Beginners by Jack Kornfield
Included with the book are six guided meditations, which make the hardest part of meditation – quietening the ‘monkey mind’ – that bit easier. Kornfield is a world renowed meditation teacher, so you’re in very good hands.

Mindful Work by David Gelles
If you’re not so sure about the idea of meditation and can’t really see why it might help you, this book may help you understand. Gelles write about the ‘mindful revolution’ – how professional people are using mindfulness and meditation at work to become happier, more efficient and more successful. Not just for small businesses who tend towards the holistic, mindfulness has actually found a home in such big corporations as Google and Facebook. We think you’ll be inspired!