Motivation is key when making changes to your lifestyle. Whether you are trying to exercise more, eat better or simply commit to finding the time for a monthly treatment to keep you feeling your best, you need to be motivate yourself to do these things.

Sometimes finding the motivation is the hardest part, as it’s so much easier to stay on the sofa, choose the microwave meal or skip your appointment. So we’re here today to help you find the motivation you need to keep you on the right road.

The Richmond Running Festival is on this Sunday, with people running a 10k or a half marathon. There’s even a Kids’ Mile for children between 5 and 15. There are events on throughout the year, from a local 5k to marathons raced through the country’s greatest landmarks. Signing up for a challenge is a great incentive, as without the training, you simply won’t be able to do it – and nobody likes to fail! If you’ve never done anything before, start small and sign up for a 5k. But if you’re bored of your current routine, look for something that will push you out of your comfort zone – like an endurance bike ride or a triathlon!

We can sometimes forget how our decisions can impact on our family. Parents, for example, pass eating habits on to their children – so if you’re a parent wanting to make changes for yourself, your family is excellent motivation. Think of the positive impact your choices will have your on children and it will spur you on. This doesn’t just work for parents, your choices can have a positive impact on your partner, your parents and even your friends.

When we’re younger we all feel invincible, but in order to remain healthy as possible as you get older, lay the groundwork now. Think how happy your future self will be if you go for that run, for example. We’re not only talking about years ahead either – an hour from now, you could be feeling brilliant because you went for a work out or ate a good meal! Think of that great feeling to give yourself the push you need.

If you are struggling to make positive changes, you can book in to see any of our practitioners by calling 020 8332 6184, emailing on or booking online. Please be aware that you must call to find out our nutritional therapistJulie Deeks‘, availability.