This week we want to talk about achieving and maintaining your best health.

Your health is probably the most important thing you have. Without your health, it’s difficult to enjoy time with friends and family; you may not be able to enjoy your hobbies as you once did and you may even struggle to go away on holiday.

Here at The Forge Clinic, we are committed to helping you find and maintain your best health. Today we want to talk about possibly the most important aspect of your health – your mental health.


Your mind is crucial to your health. Your mind is what pushes you off the sofa on a cold day. Your mind is what urges you to choose the healthy option on a menu.

Today, we all often suffer with stress. This can have knock-on physical effects, such as tension in the back and neck, but can also leave you feeling very down and frustrated.

We believe in the power of no – if you are unable to take on anymore tasks, at home or at work, let people know. All too often, we say yes because we think we should, but please remember that no is always an option!

We also suggest discovering how best you can work off stress. For some people, a good run can clear the cobwebs, for others it’s dancing, for someone else it might be a long soak in the bath. Rather than dwell on the causes of your stress, go and do something you know shakes it off.

If you feel you are struggling with your mental health, we encourage you to see your GP. However, our hypnotherapy treatment can help with anxiety and phobias. If you have any questions regarding hypnotherapy treatment, our hypnotherapist Jean Luc Lafitte would be happy to answer them.

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